• TrackDay for iPhone and TrackDay Pro

    Posted on September 6, 2012 by in Products, TrackDay


    A fan asked, “Is there a list of differences in Pro and regular that I can compare?”

    The TrackDay apps are built from the same codebase, so the answer is pretty simple — they’re the same… except where they’re not. To keep it simple, we’ve summarized the differences in this table:

    Feature TrackDay for iPhone TrackDay Pro
    App Price $4.99 $19.99
    iPad Support No Yes
    iPhone Support Yes Yes
    Tracks Available On 8/21/2014 241 241
    Track Price $0.99* FREE
    Track Learning $2.99 FREE
    Compute Track Yes** Yes
    Track Editor No Yes
    iTunes Preview Links TrackDay for iPhone TrackDay Pro

    * The majority of the tracks in the TrackDay for iPhone edition are available for in-app purchase. Recently added tracks are offered for free for a limited time.
    ** As of the 2.0 release, the TrackDay Pro edition can compute a track (raceline, start-finish, pit-out and pit-in) from a selected session. In the 2.2 release, this capability has been extended to the TrackDay for iPhone edition.

7 Responsesso far.

  1. David says:

    M1 concourse Pontiac MI?

  2. steve selyutin says:

    How do you delete a session accidentally started

  3. Dusty says:

    Will this “learn” and track Autocross courses also?

    • FTLapps says:

      Thanks for your inquiry! Yes, years ago, we received “track” data from the middle of a forest. Satellite imagery was low-res for the area, but there was a clear loop over the hills and through the woods with hints of a trail in spots.

      The “learn” option collects GPS samples until you end the session. After you have completed two or more loops and conclude the session, it will attempt to spot the start and end point for the first complete loop, clips the data accordingly, and will mark the point with the highest speed as the start/finish. Using the “Features” button (icon with the three circles) you can toggle the feature editing mode, to tap and drag and resize the start/finish, pit-in and pit-out features. With the TrackDay Pro Editor, you can manually edit the result to more closely match the ideal loop.

      The “learn” capability is heavily dependent on high-quality GPS data, so a stable mount with a good view of the GPS satellite constellation is an absolute must. (Over the last year, we’ve been flooded with complaints from riders carrying their iPhone inside their leather racing suit. GPS doesn’t operate well through your body; we figured that out the hard way in 2012!) http://www.ftlapps.com/wordpress/2012/09/trackday-gps-accuracy/