• Tasting notes from the Tarara Winery

    Posted on August 9, 2013 by in WineFan

    We’re continuing to iterate development of the WineFan app. This blog post, from the 1.6 Beta currently in development, shows the raw output included in the email automatically generated by the app. Just copy&paste the email text to the HTML view in your blog and your ratings and tasting notes are ready! Of course, to truly capture the experience, you’ll want to include additional notes about the vineyard, the overall tasting experience, etc. For now, we’re doing this after the fact — in the blog itself. For a great set of examples our recent work, check out:

    Note: We’re also manually inserting the photo after the fact. Though, eventually, we hope to enable the app to link the blog HTML directly to our server’s copy of the winery or event photo on the web. (At the moment, the photos stored by the app aren’t visible on the web…)

    At the Tarara Winery in Leesburg, Virginia on 6/29/2013, tasted three delicious wines:

    4 Stars — really liked the 2011 Petit Manseng

    4 Stars — really liked the 2011 Boneyard White Wine Blend

    5 Stars — loved the 2011 Boneyard Red Wine Blend
    Strong cab nose. Full body. Smooth finish.

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