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    Who doesn’t love a good ghost story? The Winery at La Grange sure does! This winery has an element most wineries in this area do not: a haunted tasted room. And, according to history, the 1790s-era home was haunted long before La Grange became a winery, so it’s not just a marketing ploy made up to attract guests. Enjoying wine in such an historic setting, with the possibility of seeing or hearing a ghost, is an opportunity that must not be squandered.

    The most noteworthy ghost at the winery is the one of Benoni E. Harrison, a wealthy man who lived in the house in the mid-1800s. The winery has even named a wine after Benoni. To prevent strange things from happening, a glass of Benoni’s Reserve is kept on the mantle of an upstairs fireplace. There is also Benoni’s lounge downstairs. It is a dark, stone-wall cellar that is great for trading your own ghost stories while enjoying a glass of wine.

    One of the best stories we heard had to do with Benoni and a family of four that was visiting the house while it was being renovated. The family attempted to get into the house but found it was locked. The parents went around back to check the back door, while the kids continued to work on the front door. As the parents tried to get through the back door, they began to hear a piano playing from inside the house. The family was musically inclined, so the parents assumed that their kids had gained entry through the front. When they found an unlocked door on the side of the house, they entered the house and called out to their children. The playing stopped. Searching the house, the parents found their kids still locked outside the front door. Continuing their search, they found no one else. They also found no piano…

    To go along with these spooky stories, La Grange has wines for all kinds of wine fans. One of our favorites was the Snort, a Port-style wine. It is deep red, with fruit flavors, making it a perfect complement to any chocolate dessert. For the white wine drinkers, the ’11 and ’12 white wine blends are great for a summer day on the patio. The ’11 offers a dry blend, while the ’12 has a small amount of residual sugar to please all palettes.

    Notes exported from our WineFan app follow. Cheers!

    At the The Winery Of La Grange in Virginia on 8/12/2013, tasted eleven delicious wines:

    82 Points for the 2010 Fletcher’s Chardonnay
    Non Malolactic fermentation in French oak. Crisp green apple.

    84 Points for the 2010 Viognier
    Citrus notes and smooth on the palette. Aged in Hungarian oak.

    86 Points for the 2011 Cuvee Blanc White Wine Blend
    Blend of Traminette, Vidal Blanc, Viognier, and Riesling. Stainless steel fermentation. Refreshing wine great with spicy foods

    85 Points for the 2012 Cuvee Blanc White Wine Blend
    Blend of Traminette, Vidal Blanc, and Seyval. 1.2% residual sugar. Ripe fruit flavors such as melon and apple make this wine a perfect match for a warm summer day on the patio.

    87 Points for the 2011 Merlot
    Lots of spice with this Merlot as well as dark fruit flavors. Well balanced tannins.

    88 Points for the 2011 Norton
    Flavors of mineral and earth accompany hints of spice.

    80 Points for the 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon
    Dark fruit will become more intense as the wine ages and tannins soften. Great nose on this wine.

    83 Points for the 2010 Tannat
    Strong tannins, vanilla and pepper flavors with blueberry fruit flavors.

    88 Points for the Generals Blend Red Wine Blend
    Blend of Merlot, Chambourcin, Cab Sauv, and Petit Verdot. Mellow tannins make this an easy drinking wine with intense red fruit flavors.

    82 Points for the Benoni’s Red Wine Blend
    Blend of Virginian Chambourcin and Californian Mouvedre and Syrah. 1.2% residual sugar. Intense dark and red fruit.

    90 Points for the Snort Red Wine Blend
    Port style wine. Dark fruit and chocolate notes. Great finish. Serve with chocolate.

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