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    In addition to tastings, Fabbioli Cellars, located just outside of Leesburg, Virginia, offers pairings. Pairing wine with food allows your palette to pick up on much more of the flavor in both the juice and the food. The Fabbioli team carefully selects pairings that perfectly emphasize the strengths and unique characteristics of their wines.

    Doug Fabbioli began planting vines on his property in 2001, and bottled the first vintage in 2004. Prior to this, he spent ten years in Sonoma learning the art of winemaking before working with Tarara Winery. In the beginning, the only vines he planted were those of red varietals. But, with encouragement from white wine fans, he later added white grapes to his property as well.

    With a passion for old world style wines, Fabbioli Cellars puts together a delightful tasting menu to go with seven wines that they rotate each month.

    Each of the seven bites was the perfect match for the selected wines. The goat cheese on a wheat cracker topped with an heirloom tomato was the perfect complement to the 2012 Rosa Luna Dry Rose. The Sopressata (dry salami) topped with spicy plum chutney was beautifully matched by the 2010 Tannat — easily up to the spicy challenge, the tannins of the Tannat dance wonderfully with plum chutney on the palette. And, the final taste punctuated the finish: perfectly sweet Rosa Nera Port style wine with a salted caramel truffle. Flawless!

    The other four bites are described in the tasting notes from our WineFan app, below. Cheers!

    At the Fabbioli Cellars in Leesburg, Virginia on 9/3/2013, tasted seven delicious wines:

    82 Points for the 2012 Rosa Luna РDry Ros̩ Wine
    Sangiovese grapes, stainless steel fermented. Crisp grapefruit flavors. Pairs well with goat cheese.

    80 Points for the 2012 Something White – Dry White Wine
    Floral an spice notes. Paired with cucumber dip.

    81 Points for the 2012 Petit Manseng
    Tart crisp green apple flavors pair well with ginger dressing over Granny Smith apple.

    83 Points for the 2012 Paco Rojo Red Wine
    Great cherry nose. Ripe red fruit. Perfect pairing with Mexican food.

    86 Points for the 2011 Tre Sorélle Red Wine
    Earthy notes pair well with mushrooms. Hints of berry.

    84 Points for the 2010 Tannat
    Velvety dry finish. Good with game and fine cheeses. Harmonious pairing with Sopressata.

    92 Points for the Rosa Nera Port
    A blueberry bomb. Perfect pairing with chocolate or a cigar after dinner.

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