TrackDay Apps Privacy Policy

Your privacy is import to us. So we’ve developed a Privacy Policy that covers how we collect, use, disclose, transfer, and store your information. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our privacy practices and let us know if you have any questions.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Personal information is data that can be used to uniquely identify or contact a single person.

With the 2.1 release, the TrackDay apps enable collection and dissemination of your personal data. Here are some examples of the types of personal information we may collect and how we may use it:

Google Analytics

The TrackDay apps use Google Analytics to track your usage, including, but not limited to, screens accessed, Track Store downloads and purchases. In much the same way your web browsing activity may be tracked, app usage information is transmitted to Google Analytics, and is stored by IP. This information helps us to better understand how to serve our customers. However, if you would prefer not to share your usage information, you may disable the app’s use of Google Analytics from the Options screen.


The TrackDay apps enable you to share your lap times via Facebook. Both the initial login and the information sent to Facebook are presented to you for your review and approval. With iOS 6, Facebook authorization for the app is controlled by iOS, and may be altered via the Settings app.


The TrackDay apps enable you to share your lap times via Twitter. Twitter authorization for the app is controlled by iOS, and may be altered via the Settings app. Information sent to Twitter is presented to you for your review and approval.

Email Address and Other Information

The email address you may provide on the Options screen is used by the app to pre-populate the “To” address of export and lap time emails.

If you choose to share your lap times, track data or session data with us, we will not disclose your email address to third-parties without your expressed permission. We may, at our discretion, share screen shots produced with your track or session data via our Facebook page. At our discretion, the track data you provide to us may be modified and made available to other app owners as a free download.

Changes to this Policy

The TrackDay Privacy Policy may change from time to time. We will post any privacy policy changes on this page, and provide notice of the change in the subsequent app release “What’s New” version notes.

Revised 2013-03-02

2 Responsesso far.

  1. Joe. Solomon says:

    2 questions :
    Why are my ” laps showing me way of the track ? When I open up a certain lap it shows ” sections” How do I know what parts of the track are they talking about ? Love the app …

    • FTLapps says:

      Thanks for your purchase Joe! And thanks for the thumbs-up for the app! Follow us at for all the latest.

      We’re not entirely certain about your first question — “way off track” would be GPS accuracy — if you haven’t already, check out for additional information about improving the quality of the GPS data collected by your iPhone or iPad. If that’s not addressing your question, just let us know — please clarify a bit, and we’ll do our best to answer!

      With the 3.0 release, we’ve introduced the Dashboard view — it breaks the track into four sectors, each 1/4 of the total length of the track. In a future release, we’ll add markers on the raceline to indicate where each interval starts/ends…. for now, you’ll have to guess a bit. If it’s super-critical to you to know exactly where each section begins/ends, let us know and we’ll adjust our priorities accordingly.

      Thanks again for your support, and welcome to the TrackDay team!