The track day lap-timer by track day riders, for track day riders (and drivers!)

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Use the iPhone or iPad camera to collect color samples. Edit your favorites into color palettes. With the paid version of the app (just $1.99!) email your samples as color chips, with a photo attachment, or as plain text.


Helping service staff to gather location-based information in the field. (Also handy for tracking trails when hiking, and surveying property lines!)

TrackDay Pro

For the price of a couple of gallons of fuel, all Track Store downloads are free, and the "Learn" option and Track Editor are included -- capture your lap times today!


Explore the artistry and dynamics of connection… A unique combination of puzzles, real time strategy, color, sound and motion.

Featuring music produced by the virtual band t r y ^ d

Thank you! ★★★★★ by 1989njk - Version 1.2 - Aug 29, 2012 My teacher discovered this app. I am partially color blind and was having a hard time figuring out what colors he was using. Thank you for making it easier to do my assignments! -