Helping service staff to gather location-based information in the field.

Collect GPS location-based notes as KML Placemarks (location, name, comment and paddle color). View lat/lon data in decimal, DMS, and UTM formats. Import and export data sets as KML formatted email attachments.

Field data collection for utility workers, tree trimming companies, environmental consultants, and all other service staff gathering information about the facilities they maintain or service in the field.

What’s new in 2.2?
+ Icon and user interface updates for iOS 7

What’s new in 2.1?
+ NEW: Options screen — added Default Pin Color option
+ NEW: Alerts for first-time users re: GPS sample recording
+ Change: Remove spaces from DMS location text output (e.g., 39°0’16.308″N 77°31’15.132″W)
+ Change: New recording button icon, color and color animation while recording
+ Change: Move “Orientation” button to bottom-left and move “Add” to top-left
+ Fix: Placemark Detail screen — added “coordinates” to the data saved by the “Copy” button

What’s new in 2.0?
+ NEW: Import KML email attachments; exchange data between devices running FeatureMapper
+ NEW: KML TimeStamp export and import
+ NEW: Search added to Features Editor screen
+ NEW: Badge App Icon; option to enable/disable
+ NEW: Paddle-style feature markers; added Yellow, Blue, Orange and White (in addition to Red, Green and Purple)
+ NEW: Added feature marker icon to Features Editor view
+ NEW: Auto sampling of Placemarks / sampling interval added to Options screen
+ NEW: Timestamp and time interval added to Placemark Detail screen
+ NEW: Copy button on Placemark screen to enable copy&paste of coordinates
+ NEW: Options screen; options to display decimal, Degrees-Minutes-Seconds and UTM coordinates
+ Default placemark name changed from ID ### to Sample YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss.sss
+ Features screen: moved delete all features option to action menu
+ Fix: Placemark name changes are now automatically reflected in the selected annotation

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