Rate your favorite wines and share your ratings with friends.

  • Collect wine labels, your ratings and tasting notes
  • Share your ratings and tasting notes via Facebook, Twitter, or email to your wine blog
  • Rate wines anywhere in the world — if we don’t have them already, you can add them yourself!
  • In Virginia, locate nearby wineries and get directions from the Map app

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WineFan Pro

With the Pro edition you gain iPad support, rate with points as well as stars, create your own events, manage wine lists for stores and restaurants, and use the new “Auto Notes” guided tasting notes capture capability.

WineFan Bistro Edition

The Bistro Edition is specifically customized for use by wine sellers who carry more than one brand:

+ Create a “Bistro” (a store or restaurant offering wine, included on our Wineries screen)
+ Select which wines are available at your store or restaurant
+ Create wine tasting events; select the wines for an event, and then sort the wines into “tasting order”

WineFan Winery Edition

The Winery Edition is specifically customized for use by wineries and vineyards:

+ Set the order preference for your winery (web, email, phone or in-person only)
+ Add or edit the winemaker’s description for each of your wines
+ Select the wine status: “Available for tasting”, “Available for sale”, “Reserved for club members”, “Reserved (library wine)”, “Out of production”
+ Select wines currently being offered for tastings and sort them into “tasting order”